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Ias(s)is in ancient greek means cure, remedy, healing...

Iassis Medical is a devoted team of strictly professional, ethic and carefully selected experts focused on offering on a round-the-clock basis superior services through a broad and diverse set of medical fields including internal medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics, general surgery, plastic surgery, gynecology, cardiology, ENT

IASSIS MEDICAL manages a 7 clinics in Zakynthos. With years of expertise and through the established co-operation with the majority of insurance companies from around the world, narrows down the procedures and the people involved and insures lower pricing, faster service and higher quality.

As soon as you arrive to Zakynthos… we’ve got you covered

Travelling to Zakynthos can be an unforgettable experience, however while you may have medical cover in your home, while at Zakynthos you might find yourself in uncertainty. Being ill in another country than your home country is not what you imagined. This is where IASSIS MEDICAL comes in…

With the traveler’s security at heart and the insurance companies’ interest in mind, IASSIS MEDICAL functions with responsibility in order to:

  • Effectively respond on site to the traveler’s medical needs around the clock.
  • credibly meet the insurance companies’ high standards of collaboration making sure that cost is contained to the necessary.