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Excellent rapid response, very helpful, polite and charming. Thank you

Y. Vallance (10.6.14)

Thanks a lot for a very good service and very friendly and professional doctor. He helped me directly and I have recovered from my angina and bad throat. Very professional!

Lukas Döring

Many thanks to the lovely Alexandra who helped my daughter out while we were in Kalamaki. Absolute star

Helen MacQueen

Thank you to Dr Metaxas and all of the I-Assis team for helping me last summer.
After I suffered from cellulitis during my hospital, the doctors treated me, helped me deal with my insurance company, prescribed me medication and gave me the necessary intravenous drips. They took me to the ultrasound clinic where they checked for clotting before I was finally admitted into hospital.
After discharge (6 days in!), they checked my after-patient care and helped my transfer from the Greek medical system back onto the NHS in the UK.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this centre to anyone who is unfortunately taken ill during their holidays.
(Also please ensure you have a decent insurance policy and/or an E111 card!!!)

Marcus Mitchell

I cannot thank everyone for all their kindness, efficiency and support when my mom had her accident. All the staff were brilliant and made sure our holiday could carry on. The aftercare she received was better than we could have hoped for. Thank you so much, congratulations on having an excellent staff we were lucky to be treated here.

Diane, Steven, Mary, Alexandra, Chris and Margaret

Received best treatment! So good I brought my mates here twice! ZANTE 2014!

London Boys!

Thank you for all of your help, amazing service, great people! Lots of love from Scotland!


Just to say a big thank you to all the staff who were very pleasant and efficient in delivering information and care.Many thanks.

Gonul & Mardania family

Thank you to IASSIS for the amazing treatment. Quick and friendly staff, helped me out very much!

Chris Campbell

Iassis was really great with our son who also has special needs and doesn’t like anyone working on him. We are very appreciative. Thank you .

Dave and Joanne Smith

Iassis was great with our family, very kind and friendly also quality service, quick. 10 out of 10.

Edilaine Emily

Excellent response, very supportive and high standard of professionalism.

N.S. Lowe

Excellent service. Was taken to see an eye specialist. Everyone who attended to me was very helpful and explained clearly.

Lisa Powell

Great memories and experience, <3 for all medical stuff in Laganas. :)

Немања Димке Димић

Dear Lambrini, thanks you for your nicely support in a bad situation. Now I have the famous ticket to come back to Belgium. You are welcome.

Jamal Ouladhaj

Dear Christina & Marva, Thanks for the good help en your patience! Keep up the good work! Xx

Jamila Hakim

Massive thanks to the whole team who are taking great care of me! The friendly staff keep my spirits up! Xxxx

Caroline Larkins

Today my friend had an exident and we went to Iassis Medical for help.
The people there were so very kind and friendly and helped us so quick and with a lot of patient.!
I will thank them for there great medical help 
Thanks a lot. !!!!

Bernadette Leijdekkers

Thank you very much! Nurses and Doctors are lovely and took good care of me! Thanks!


Amazing service, Very professional, friendly, and made as feel very comfortable. Treated my friend well, I was very worried but he was fine in the end! Thank you so much, couldn't ask for everyone better!

Melly Moo

I came to visit a doctor with my little son Dusan. We came from Delyrane, Serbia. He had a fever and throatake. The doctor helped me a lot, he was of great help although Dusan changed a therapy (antibiotics). He was very sure in his knowledge. Thank you, I wish you the best

Sultana Rishc

We love IASSIS so much we came back twice! Jokes aside every one was great! Thanks!

HVLL girls

Excellent service and treatment for my wife! Thank you ALL so much!


Thanks for all your help. Very much appreciated

Jean Davis

Thank you for all your help with our grandson Corey Grimsey who is now much better after his medicine. Thanks to Adriana for your help with insurance.

C. Grimley

Very friendly and efficient staff. Everything explained clearly and could not have been looked after any better.

N. Holloway

What a brilliant service. Doctors very good – sent car to pick us up .Thank you

Jay & Kim

I'm wordless when I come to describe the efforts and professional help and warm of Doctor Metaxas and his team in helping and treating my 5 years son, who managed to cut himself deep on his leg in our last day of staying in Laganas. Even if our holiday there ended with an incident, all these people succeeded on transforming it into a more pleasant memory even if the accident would have never took place. We gladly hope to see you in Romania some day!

Olivia Nanescu

I was very good examined and advised at the clinic in Tsilivi and nicely accompagnied to the urologist. Thoroughly echoed and clearly reported.

Frank Vandijk

Thank you for your kindness and attention. It was very much appreciated.

Margaret and Josephine Chambers

Treatment was ace! Looked after me very well and made me feel better!
10/10 for everything!


Dear Zante hospital place, a huge thank you to Alexandre & co for looking after my friend Tom Lawley. The excellent expertise of my friends here, probably saved my friend's life. The greatest gratitude isn't enough.
Thank you

Stuart Chinaloy

Thank you for helping our son Daniel! It was a very good feeling to get a very good and friendly doctor, after the disaster the ferry boat from Italy.

family Tuchova from Vienna

I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff who were very kind to my 2.5 yrs old granddaughter! Fantastic service!
Many thanks

Norton family, Nottingham

Thank you for helping us! Lots of love

Alia, Amy & Rachel. We love you!

Thank you so much for all your help Adrianna & Vassili and for helping us to get Marcus better for flying home. Kind regards

Janet & Marcus

Thank you Adrianna for your help and kindness, shown to me these last few days. I cannot thank you enough. Kind regards


Over the past three days I have received the best healthcare ever!! Thorough check-up/observation. Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

Mrs Bronwen O’ Doherty

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